This is the configuration file for the program.


Here’s an example from my config file in 2020:

"Version" : "2.0",

"extralife_id" : "401280",

"text_folder" : "/home/ermesa/Dropbox/ELtracker/",

"currency_symbol" : "$",

"team_id" : "50394",

"tracker_image": "Engineer.png",

"donation_sound": "/home/ermesa/Programming Projects/python/extralife/Donation.mp3",

"donors_to_display": "5"

"font_family": "Liberation Sans",

"font_size": 52,

"font_italic": true,

"font_bold": 75,

"font_color": [255, 255, 255, 255],

"tracker_background_color": [0, 255, 0, 255]


If you are using the GUI, you can edit the file with the GUI and it should always turn out OK. If you are editing it in a text editor, the important thing to remember is the quotation marks.


The program will look in 3 locations.

First, it will look in the XDG official locations. If you use “save persistent settings” in the GUI, it will save to this location. On Linux this will be in $HOME/.config/extralifedonationtracker. On Windows it will be C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\config\extralifedonationtracker where you replace username with your Windows username.

Second, it will look up two directory levels. If you cloned from Github or grabbed a Source or .tar.gz, this would be in the first directory you cd into - the one that has requirements.txt,, etc.

Third, it will look in the directory where it is being run. If you are using the GUI single executable, this means the same folder as gui.exe (on Windows) or gui (on Linux).

As long as it’s in one of those directories, it will be fine. Otherwise it will attempt to grab a copy from Github.

Config Values

  • Version: this should be left alone. It’s to know if a persistent config needs updating

  • extralife_id: this should be your extralife id, the end of your campaign URL

  • text_folder: this is where the text files generated by the program will be placed

  • currency_symbol: the prefix for your money

  • team_id: if you’re on a team, grab from team page URL. If not, put null without quotation marks

  • tracker_image: if you’re using the GUI, what you want to appear when you get a donation

  • donation_sound: if you’re using GUI, what you want to hear when there’s a donation

  • donors_to_display: controls how many donors/donations appear in files that have more than one

The values corresponding to the tracker (everything after donors_to_display) is best configured in the GUI to ensure you’re getting values that make sense on your system.