A class to hold the Donation attributes and methods.

class eldonationtracker.api.donation.Donation(json)

Bases: object

Donation Attributes.

Class exists to provide attributes for a donation based on what comes in from the JSON so that it doesn’t have to be

traversed each time a donor action needs to be taken.

property amount

the amount of the donation. If they blocked it from showing it is set to 0.

property avatar_url

the URL of the avatar associated with this donation.

property donation_date

the date of the donation.

property donation_id

The donor drive ID of this donation.

property donor_id

the donor drive ID of the donor who made this donation

static json_to_attributes(json)

Convert API JSON values to Donation attributes.


json (json) – JSON attributes from the API

property message

the message associated with the donation.

property name

the name of the donor for this donation. If the donor wished to stay anonymous, the variable is set to/ ‘Anonymous’