Contains classes pertaining to teams.

class str, folder: str, currency_symbol: str)

Bases: object

Hold Team API Data.

API Variables:
param team_url

URL to the team JSON API

param team_participant_url

URL to the JSON api for participants in the team.

param team_info

a dictionary to hold the following:

  • Team_goal: fundraising goal

  • Team_captain: team captain’s name

  • Team_totalRaised: total amount raised by team

  • Team_numDonations: total number of donations to the team

param participant_list

a list of the most recent participants

param top_5_participant_list

a list of the top 5 team participants by amount donated.

Helper Variables:

param output_folder

the folder that will contain the output txt files

param currency_symbol

for formatting text

param participant_calculation_dict

dictionary holding output for txt files:

  • Team_Top5Participants: top 5 participants by donation amount

  • Team_Top5ParticipantsHorizontal: same, but horizontal

  • Team_TopParticipantNameAmnt: Top participant and amount


Get team participant info from API.


Get team info from JSON api.


Get team participants.


Get and calculate team partipant info.


Get team info from API.

write_text_files(dictionary: dict)

Write info to text files.


dictionary – The dictionary containing the values to write out to text files.


Bases: eldonationtracker.donor.Donor

Participant Attributes.

Inherits from the donor class, but over-rides the json_to_attributes function.

API variables:

  • – participant’s name or Anonymous

  • self.amount – the sum of all donations by this participant

  • self.number_of_donations – number of all donations by this participant

  • self.image_url – the url of the participant’s avatar image (not used)


Convert JSON to Team Participant attributes.


json – JSON attributes from API